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Past Performance: NGB

Bovian provides Capital Planning and Investment Control support to the Affinity eSolutions team within the NGB Chief Information Officer/J6 Directorate. Bovian also provides IT strategic planning and cyber security support as required.


IT Strategic Planning

Developing Strategic Plans

We focus on understanding the organizational mission and objectives to formulate goals to implement leaders’ vision. We accomplish this through stakeholder engagement, research of historical information, review of statutory and regulatory requirements and mission analysis. We obtain stakeholder buy-in at every step of the strategy development process.

Performance Measurement

Bovian assists system owners in determining IT solution ROI and risk profile. Clients use these assessments to make near and long-term investment decisions. Ultimately, we seek to answer the “Is IT working for us effectively and efficiently?” question that most leaders want to know.

Leader Engagement

IT policy development and enforcement ultimately culminates in communicating complex issues to non-IT leaders. Bovian personnel are often called upon to provide recommendations to Senior Executives.


Cyber Security

Risk Management Framework

Bovian personnel possess extensive knowledge in the NIST RMF (SPs 800-37, 800-53rev 4/5 and 800-53a). Bovian’s experience ranges from system categorization using FIPS 199 and NCSSI 1253 to continuous monitoring compliance IAW DoD policy and best practices.

Strategic Cyber Policy

The Bovian team leverages organization staffing processes to receive, review and provide comments on national, departmental and organizational level cyber security strategy documents. Bovian professionals also develop cyber policy and plans by fostering cross-functional collaboration and adhering to deliberate staffing processes.

Cyber Survivability

Cyber survivability is the latest in ensuring cyber security is included in capability requirements generation. Bovian is adept at recommending system Cyber Survivability Risk Categorization and cyber survivability attributes based on systems’ mission type, cyber dependency, threat information and impact level.


Customized SharePoint Development & Administration 

Customized SharePoint Development

With SharePoint out-of-box features, Bovian members can resolve complex processes, but sometimes customized development is the best way to configure solutions that target client business needs. Using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc., Bovian can enhance the overall SharePoint experience. Bovian specializes in customizing web parts, workflows and forms.

SharePoint Administration Support

Bovian members work with clients to maintain a healthy and highly productive SharePoint environment. This includes efficient customer support to configure proper permission structure, site and data analytics and core out-of-box features.

SharePoint Guidance

Bovian members have a history of assisting customers with increasing business or government SharePoint ROI through extensive training, process automation and data management. Our personnel ensure a streamlined transition and adoption of SharePoint services making day-to-day business operations more fluid and efficient.

Past Performance: CMS

Our senior developers build front end SharePoint solutions in support of CMS business processes. Solutions include automated workflows, customizable dashboards, enhanced data entry forms and site analytics.


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